This month has absolutely flown by. Between birthdays, out-of-town visitors, and lots of schoolwork for Jake, we’ve had our days full to the brim.

April Loves

Two of my absolute favorite people had birthdays this month.


Aly turned 6.


Anaya turned 2.

IMG_7099We had a super fun party for Aly, invited some of her friends over for a woodland creatures party, and got her ears pierced. She rocked it; didn’t even flinch.

Anaya had no party, just a Curious George cake (above). Must be sad being the youngest and not getting crazy fun celebrations. When she’s older :). We got a slide for her room (consignment sale find!) and it’s the best gift ever. She (and Ada) have used it everyday. I like that it’s just one more way to be active when we have to be cooped up inside.

Three of my favorite PEOPLE came to visit this month.


Denise and Calvin. They came up to help celebrate the birthdays as well as enjoy our Spring Break with us. We did a lot of outside walking, exploring, biking, basketballing (a word, right?!) and a little ice cream eating :).

My momma. She came up also to celebrate birthdays as well as help me wrangle the kids while Jake was gone to an education conference in Chicago. She made the time go by so quickly. We also did a lot of outside stuff- zoo, park hopping, picnic-eating. We were busy having so much fun that I didn’t take any pictures.


Have I already written about these? I don’t even know, but if I did they are worth a repeat. These brussels sprouts have changed my life. Delicious. Healthy. Delicious. Aly and I eat them warm or cold (we prefer warm) and we will eat them anytime, anywhere. Aly asked for brussels sprouts for breakfast the other day. I mean, how could I say no?!

PicMonkey Collage

I do not shop for myself very often. If I have a few extra dollars in the clothes budget, it’s going to go to some clothes for the kids or for Jake. But, I realized that I really do need a few more pieces of clothes to replace some of my worn out clothes from my early college days (I’m not even joking; I keep clothes forever. If you see me on a regular basis, this won’t surprise you. Whatever. I’m a loyalist- I hang on to those I love UNTIL THE VERY END). All that said, I bought a shirt and dress online that I LOVE and FIT PERFECT. Dresses that fit me are kinda like unicorns- very rare. So, this dress in the picture looks like a super short dress. Well, lucky for me, because now I have a dress that hits just above my knee (I’m not even kidding).


I found this adorable book garland decorating idea for a party, but I think I’m going to use it for my house  in the kids’ room or above our bookshelves. How cute is this?!


Daring to Love Your Neighbor: A great challenging article. Daring to love our neighbors may be one of the keys to the world we wish for.

Sometimes, Kids Don’t Need to Share: I think this is an interesting article. More than just the sharing issue, I think this brings into light the fact that we sometimes really rush for our kids be nice and generous and selfless and all of those fantastic qualities… at the ages of 2 and 3 and 4 and 7, without really taking into consideration that they are still learning and growing and their brains are still very much developing. Ease up, momma. The training is long- we’re in for a marathon, let’s not make it a sprint.

Love and Merit: On loving our kids unconditionally- really, and allowing their successes and failures to be completely untied to our deep, affectionate, obvious love for them.

I, as a white mom of two black children, do not share Baltimore’s pain. Instead, I grieve with you: Jen Hatmaker takes on a slightly different kind of writing, and really brings truth to an incredibly difficult, complex situation. I must admit that when I read my first book by Jen, I liked it, but I told my book ladies that I’d probably not actually be her friend in real life. My love for her has only grown since that time, and I feel like she’s been so courageous in using her platform of influence to not back down on the hard issues.

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