Review: Nobody’s Cuter than You

You may remember of the time when I told the whole world that I just loved Melanie Shankle’s books. Sparkly Green Earrings and The Antelope in the Living Room are some of the funniest books ever. They kept me laughing out loud and I couldn’t put them down.

Melanie has a new book out, Nobody’s Cuter than You, which is a memoir about the beauty of friendship. In it, she shares the stories of the women in her life who have impacted her, the lessons she’s learned from her relationships, and just how essential girl friends are in our lives.


As expected, Melanie brings her witty, down-to-earth charm to her book, making you feel like you all would definitely be good friends if you lived next door to one another. I must admit that I didn’t laugh as much in this book as with the others, but I was equally as hooked. I love her and her BFF’s, Gulley, relationship. They are like sisters, holding each other up during the hard times, being real with one another, going on crazy adventures, and caring about each other’s mundane. I think that’s when you know that someone is a real, deep friend- they ask and listen to your everydayness.

Jake and I sometimes talk about friendships. Because we’ve moved around a lot, our friendships with people get cut off before we have time to put in the face to face, REAL LIFE hours that it takes to really know someone. The time to share your stories, learn each other idiosyncrasies, watch them parent, see them upset, work through conflict, and make lots and lots of memories.

It also takes confidence to reach out and make the initial contact.

It takes energy to invite someone over for dinner.

It takes a miracle to have a good conversation at the above dinner if you have kids under the age of 5.

It takes courage to ask someone to step into your life, a life that is not perfect and has its rough edges.

It takes vulnerability to lay down the mask first and allow someone to see you without the promise that they will lay theirs down too.

Mostly, though, it just takes time. Time to invite.Time to say yes. Time to come over. Time to drop by (does anyone drop by anymore?!). Time to relax with one another. Time to drink a glass of iced tea. Time to run an errand. Time to do a favor. Time to watch a movie. Time to take a day trip. Time to go shopping.

Nobody’s Cuter than You is a great reminder that although it costs something to have deep friendships, they are absolutely, hands-down incredibly worth it.  


Thanks to Tyndale for the opportunity to review this book! 

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