How We Will be Celebrating 10 Years of Marriage

Jake and I finally nailed down where we’re headed for our 10 year wedding anniversary.


Not Paris (been there, done that ;)).


Not back to Kenya (I wish).


Not a cruise in the Bahamas (although that was my choice #2- ha!).

Nope, we are headed to Chicago for the Justice Conference 2015! While it may seem like an odd way to spend celebrating 10 years of marriage (and boy do we have a lot to celebrate!), we decided what better way is there than spending a weekend focusing on reorienting and reenergizing ourselves towards gospel-centered justice? The perfect nightcap to a decade of marriage.


Jake and I sometimes remember (in the car on long trips after the kids have fallen asleep is when this kind of conversation typically comes up) a very specific conversation we had before getting married (or maybe right after) in which we vowed that we would never become the couple whose faith lived out means just comfortably teaching a sunday school class every Sunday.

Friends, we don’t even teach a Sunday school class.

And in many ways, we laugh because we couldn’t even imagine then what we know now about where our lives were headed. We’ve travelled the globe (but mostly the U.S.) for advanced degrees, we’ve had lots of kids, we’ve jumped in and out of a lot of various projects, lending a hand in ways that have been very ordinary and quite simple. We know now that to choose one thing means not choosing another. And for the most part, we’re happy about what we’ve said yes to and making peace with those things to which we’ve said no.

But after we laugh together, we quietly look back out the car window, deep in thought. I think both of us feel that twinge of regret over the tiredness, the lack of big opportunities, the routine, the distractions. Our minds wander to the “what if…?” and “should we be ….?” and “God, what’s next for us?” We silently reflect and pray until the sounds of a restless child needing a pillow or water or a comforting hand interrupt our thoughts and bring us back to our very present (and good) reality.

So, instead of laying on the beach of some warm sandy island with cold drinks and good books in our hands (I wonder if the Justice Conference gives refunds…), we’ll be sitting in the beautiful Auditorium Theater on June 5th and 6th, listening to some dynamic speakers recast vision for our lives -to be consistently oriented towards seeking God and living out faithful righteous (justice!) lives. The speaker line-up looks amazing: Dr. Cornel West, Eugene Cho, Lynne Hybels, Amena Brown, Bob Goff, and more. I’m excited about using this time to prayerfully dream toward the next 10 years.

Here’s to many more decades of living out lives that are oriented towards love, justice, and hope. Anyone wanna meet us for dinner on the 5th? 🙂

Chicago MP Prop Video from The Justice Conference on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “How We Will be Celebrating 10 Years of Marriage

  1. Jacob, I had never heard of him before this! I didn’t even know his name. I will definitely check them out :). Miss you guys!

  2. Hi Tiffany!
    1) Thanks for writing about this … I’d never heard of The Justice Conference and I’ve had a lot of these issues weighing on my heart recently. I can’t make it this year, but would love to hear about it after you and Jake get back.
    2) I think we might have similar anniversaries. We got married on June 9!
    (Mom to Esther, SHES kindergartner)

  3. Hey Grace,
    Thanks for stopping by the blog! 🙂 I think it would be fun to get together after the conference- we could maybe brainstorm together about what living justice-oriented lives looks like with little ones at home (I think it adds another layer of challenge!). Our anniversary is May 13th- so yep, very close! How many years have you all been married?

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