Goals for 2015

I love goal-setting and have been doing it yearly for the past 14 years. Some goals I meet, others I don’t, which is totally fine, but it’s the process of prayerfully making the goals and dreaming about what I’d like to do during the upcoming year that helps me to think and set my heart on the year in an intentional way. I find that it helps me to live more “on purpose” and it’s fun to look back on them too!


Ladies and Gents, my 2015 goals:


  • Read and journal through Scripture with our FB group
  • Learn about the Enneagram
  • Learn biblical Greek
  • Learn the countries and capitals of the world (this is a rollover from last year- whoops!)
  • Learn a word a day (I’m subscribed to Wordsmith)


  • Catch up on our family scrapbook (2011+)
  • Plan an activity a day during the week for Anaya and Ada, and on Mondays for Asante and Aly too
  • Have one-on-one time with each kid every. day (even if it’s just a little bit)
  • Learn some girl hairstyles
  • Vocab word a day for the kids
  • Send cards/emails/make phone calls more intentionally this year with those afar
  • Potty train Anaya (Diaper free in 2015!!!)
  • Transition Anaya to a toddler bed (Jake decided to do this on January 1st, and she’s rocked it, so I think this one is completed- yessssss. :))


  • Tiffanymalloy.com- new logo, goal of posting 2x per week, add a disclosure page, add a few book recommendation pages
  • PEG- update theme, add a disclosure page
  • Read 2 books about writing
  • Enter into the writing process at least once per month (sidenote: I’m more of an “off the cuff” writer than a planned writer, but recognize that my writing improves greatly when I plan, write a draft, edit, and then publish a final work. I dread rereading anything I write, I’m not sure why).

Are you a goal person? If so, which goal are you most looking forward to accomplish in 2015?

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