Heroine’s Quest

Sometimes (ahem) I feel overwhelmed. And when I feel overwhelmed I tend not to be intentional. Instead, I switch into survival mode and just do what needs to be done to get through it. Anyone with me?

While unavoidable at times, when we are living in a state of being overwhelmed, and hence survival mode too often, it’s not good for our souls or the souls of others in our lives.

One of my good friends, Christi Byerly, has a heart for women who are in this sort of place. She is a life coach and spiritual director who has been walking beside women for a couple years now. While she currently lives in Kenya, she has a virtual state-side Heroine’s Quest group on Wednesdays at 11a (East Coast time) and is looking for a few more members to join in!

The dates for the upcoming sessions are:

October 15th, 29th

November 5th, 19th

December 3rd, 17th

While the course is listed at $500, Christi is providing a deep discount for us– $200! If you sign up, just let Christi know that you heard about it here. In case you have to miss a call, no fret! There will be audio recordings :).

Let me know if you sign up! 🙂


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