What Nerds Do for Fun: a Bend Your Brain review

What do nerds do for fun?

Well, I guess a lot of things, but one thing we do here at our house is puzzles- jigsaw puzzles, word puzzles, game puzzles, etc. If it’s a puzzle, we’ll try it out!


Bend Your Brain: 151 Puzzles, Tips, and Tricks to Blow (and Grow) Your Mind is a new book from Marbles: The Brain Store of fun, unusual puzzles that are truly mind-bending. The book is divided up into 5 sections of puzzles with 5 levels of difficulty in each section::

  • visual perception
  • word skills
  • critical thinking
  • coordination
  • memory

Each set of puzzles are designed to exercise and grow your brain in certain ways, which the book explains in a clear, concise way. The puzzles are super fun and mostly unusual. There are a few word searches, sudoku, and mazes but they all have interesting twists, for example one puzzle is a 2 page maze, but on the front/back of a single page- whew, talk about tricky! Another puzzle the kids enjoyed had pictures of objects and they had to create compound words, using each picture once. It was cute to see them all gathered around the book, trying to work together to figure it out.


This puzzle book would be a great way to spend one-on-one time with an older child OR a fun book to take along on a date night (if you and your spouse are nerds like us!).


Thanks to Blogging for Books for providing these complementary copy in exchange for an honest review!

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