Review: Holy is the Day

I wonder if there is a record of how long it takes for a blogger to write a book review after getting a book from the publisher. If there is, I might have broken it.


And the publisher has been oh so kind. They didn’t get onto me. Didn’t hound me. Just chipper emails about how it’s no big deal, and they completely understand. The question is- will they ever let me review a book again? Ha!


Holy Is the Day: Living in the Gift of the Present is Carolyn Weber’s second book. Her first one is Surprised by Oxford, which I LOVED and reviewed here. Like her first book, Carolyn uses literature, history, and everyday life experiences to share her reflections on God’s work in her life. She opens up this book with a riveting account of the life-altering, game-changing delivery of her two twins. She goes on to talk about life with three kids under 3 (or maybe 4?), as well as her own wrestlings with the many tensions of living the busyness of having a marriage, moving around the country, gaining tenure, and raising kids. While I’m not in academia, Jake is working on it, and we certainly feel some of the same tensions. The book ends with a very brave decision, one that will both surprise and offer a sense of freedom to the reader. Or maybe just to me :).

It’s pretty cool to read about someone’s faith conversion in one book, and then see how God is shaping them in the next one. It’s also interesting to see what was going on behind the scenes while Carolyn was writing Surprised by Oxford, and what affects that had on her career path.

Carolyn is a super smart, highly reflective, deeply caring person. You can read more about her at her blog ( or follow her on FB and Twitter.

A huge thank you to Intervarsity Press for allowing me to review this book in exchange for a free copy. 

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