Easter: Parental slacking and God’s grace

I have a confession.

Jake and I didn’t really do much to prepare the kids for Easter this year. We had the best intentions.

No resurrection eggs, even though we have them sitting by the couch downstairs.

No consistent devotionals (only the ones I did for Play Eat Grow here and here), even though I bought this cool looking one from ohamanda.

It was bedtime on Good Friday when Jake and I looked at each other and realized we needed to do something. So we just opened up the Jesus Storybook Bible and read the story of the cross. It started out real innocent– a “nice” bedtime story before tucking the kids into their cozy beds. As I was reading, I got all choked up. Asante said he had to look away from Jesus’ face; it was making him too sad. After finishing, the kids wanted to talk about it. Ask a few questions. And then talked about it on Saturday again. And even again today. God used our smallest, spur-of-the-moment effort and multiplied it; I’m relieved and thankful.

This morning I woke up late (7:45, in case anyone is wondering what late is in our house- ha!), and came down to Asante writing Bible verses on scraps of paper. I asked what he was doing- he said that he had an idea of making a scavenger hunt– he would write ten verses of a passage from Luke and then hide them all over the house. After we found them, we would piece together the resurrection story together. While Asante was doing that, Aly was digging through our craft closet to find a piece of cardboard, some popsicle sticks and a few other supplies because she thought it’d be great to create a picture of the cross, and then the empty tomb. The kids also decided independently that this story needs to be told to someone (that’s what the people did in the story!), so they wanted to find someone to tell the story of the resurrection to. At dinner tonight, Asante told us that he prayed this morning after he woke up- he asked God to help us to have a good Easter celebration.


All of this happened before I even woke up. My heart swelled inside of me with so much happiness that they are owning this thing. It’s becoming theirs, if even in a small way! I also felt a bit bad- they were creating their own activities because I didn’t create any for them. But, I realized that God was picking up my slack in this one– he has been stirring their hearts and filling it with love for Him.


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