Who Wakes Up with the Kids?

For all my married amigos, I have a so serious question–

Who wakes up with the kids in the morning?

And how do you decide?

We’ve used rock, paper, scissors. But perhaps we shouldn’t leave such big decisions to chance.

We’ve said that whoever goes to bed first has to get up with the kids. **laugh** I have a hard enough time making myself go to bed how it is. This idea was not in the best interest of anyone in our family.

We’ve resorted to both of us laying there as kids crawl all over us after their cute alarm clock turns green at 6:30 and they come bounding into our room (which is actually 6:40 in real life, shhhhh, don’t tell them). Whoever gets tired of getting elbowed in the stomach and head sat on first, wins (or loses?).

Okay, well, actually that’s not exactly true. Jake has been getting up with the kids a lot lately. But since we’ve been sharing a lot of “jokes” about me not getting up, I’ve decided to come up with a better way of deciding. So share all of your best decision-making strategies for this incredibly important question!


4 thoughts on “Who Wakes Up with the Kids?

  1. It seems like we take turns unless one of us has to be up and gettin ready for something. I am cursed with that “mama’s ear” that many of us have though. I could have a sound machine going and ear plugs in and still hear the children. And usually once I am awake it is very hard for me to go back to sleep. Gabe does not have that problem.

  2. Ha, Lynne, I sleep like a rock at night, but IF I am awake, it does take me forever to go back to sleep. Jake can just fall asleep within 60 seconds. So jealous of them boys! 🙂

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