3 Resources to Help Your Child Learn, Absorb and Praise God!

Graham Blanchard (that new publisher I was telling you about a couple months ago) just came out with a few more sweet, sweet board books that my two middle girls have been reading and reading again ever since they arrived in our mailbox a week ago.

As a quick overview, Graham Blanchard puts their books into 1 or 3 categories:

Learn: Books that focus on teaching kids various passages of Scripture.

Absorb: Books that help kids connect the information about God to their hearts.

Praise:  Books that redirect kids’ experiences of everyday life to God’s active presence.


The first one is Close as a Breath (Absorb) and it follows a girl and her dad as they talk a stroll together. The little girl is asking some of those simple questions that are easy to answer if you were talking to an older child, but are quite tricky when answering a little one. The dad answers in ways that show a love for nature and an even bigger love for the Creator. The pictures are lovely and I just love the relationship between the dad and little girl. My Aly loves nature, so this one is her favorite.


The second is Ada’s favorite– Jesus Saves Me: Knowing My God series (Learn). The author, Callie Grant, leads kids through John 10 where Jesus is talking about how we will know God’s voice when we hear it because He is our shepherd. One of my main goals in parenting is to help my child recognize God’s voice/prompting in their hearts. If I can help them understand that, I will have succeeded. This book is a small tool that helps in that goal through breaking down the verse and explaining what each section means. I think it can be very tricky to teach kids some of the passages of Scripture because much of what is going on is so foreign to them. Sheep? Shepherds? Well, I’ve seen a sheep in the zoo, but have no real idea what it’s like to watch shepherds interact with one another or with the shepherd!


Finally, we received Little Seed: A Life (Praise), which is about a seed that falls to the ground, is buried in deep for the winter, and begins to grow when the spring comes. After the seed grows into a big sunflower, birds carry those seeds to places far away and they are then planted in the ground. While I don’t think my 3 and 4 year old can make the connection between the seeds and their own lives, but my 6 year old was interested in making that connection. Because this is a praise book, I think the message is — look how God created something like a seed to stay buried and safe while the conditions were not right, and then it sprouts up into something wildly beautiful, and that it is a cycle! Also, we had a good time talking about our sunflowers we grew while in Philadelphia– oh how we miss our little backyard! 🙂

An added bonus: if you visit their website, each book has its own “Tips for Grownups” .pdf that provides questions and extensions that you can do while (and after) reading the book with your child!


Graham Blanchard Publishers sent me these three complimentary books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine!

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