Ordinary Saturdays

Exciting things of my day today:

1. I discovered there is a Trader Joe’s 6 minutes away from us. I’m excited to try it out because I’ve not been happy with my grocery shopping options thus far. We have a target real close to us that has some groceries, but not a ton. It is by far the cheapest food I have seen in awhile. We’re talking a gallon of milk cost $2.50! Then, there’s a Metcalf’s, which has quality food, but expensive prices (same with Whole Foods). Then, there’s Copps, which I would say is equivalent to an Acme or Schnucks. I would love to get my produce at the Farmer’s market, my staples at Target, a few specialty items from Whole Foods, and the rest from Copps, but that’d require way too much time. Hoping Trader Joe’s is what I’m looking for.

2. We tried out a new library and know that it will not be one we will be frequenting very often. We are simply much too loud for that one room library. The librarians were very kind, of course, but the patrons looked disturbed.

3. Ada choked today on a strawberry. Like, seriously choked. Like, awful noise of barely getting air for way too long of a time. It was frightening. Thankfully, she got it out and all is well. It reminded me that I really need to sign up for Red Cross crash course in CPR, etc.

4. I made a ridiculous amount of food (dinner for tonight, dinner for tomorrow that has to set for at least 12 hours, next week’s PEG post, and a few snacks to have around). I don’t know how people make all their food from scratch. It’s exhausting to me and takes all the fun out of cooking. Also reminded me that I cannot take a decent food picture. It’s almost comical how hard I try and how it never turns out well. I think it’s because I live in lower lighting places (i.e. not a ton of windows).

5. Our fitness room in our complex is now open.

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