Let me introduce you to Graham Blanchard

You probably have never heard of Graham Blanchard…well, because it’s not an actual person. It’s a new(ish) publishing company that focuses on putting out books that are designed to help kids grow spiritually. The books they publish fall into one of three categories:

Learn: Focuses on teaching kids various passages of Scripture.

Absorb: Helps kids connect the information about God to their hearts.

Praise: Redirects kids’ experiences of everyday life to God’s active presence.

I recently had the privilege of reading 4 of their soon-to-be released books, each falling into a different category.

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1. Mud Puddle Hunting Day (Praise): This cute board book walks through one girl’s experience of exploring the outdoors during a rainy morning. She has fun jumping in mud puddles and discovering how the world looks different when it is raining.

2. All of Me that You Can’t See (Absorb): This one was my favorite. The character in this one is a little blonde boy in a superhero cape who is talking about the part of him that he can’t physically see– his soul. I like it because it does a great job of introducing the idea of our soul (because it can be a tricky thing to explain!).

3. Knowing My God: Jesus Invites Me (Learn): Each page has a portion of a picture, a Scripture passage (Matthew 11:28-30), and a few sentences that explain it in kids’ language. The explanations relate it to something that kids understand. Then, at the end, it has a page of suggestions on how parents can use the book at different ages to deepen the conversation.

4. Knowing My God: Jesus Shows Me (Learn): This is a close second favorite of mine. It has the same format as the one above, but this time it uses John 15:9-14 to talk about how God loves us and how we can walk in this love. The pictures and descriptions all relate to various animals and how the parent and child animal relate to one another in their own unique ways. We are really into animals these days, so this one was a favorite.

Another thing I like about this publisher is that they give back to the community that they are in. They give both books and money to a few select organizations in Austin, TX. The first one is Young Life, Young Lives…. an organization that helps middle school and high school moms to care for their children.

I’m interested in keeping an eye on this company! If you want to learn more, you can visit their website, FB page or follow them on Twitter.


 Please note, I received complementary copies of these books from the publisher and was free to express my own opinions!

One thought on “Let me introduce you to Graham Blanchard

  1. Tiffany, I’m writing to thank you for such a thoughtful blog review about the new Graham Blanchard books. You were not obligated to do that. We appreciate how evident it is that you read our Web site and understand what the books and company are all about. You’ve written one of the best summaries I’ve seen of our Learn, Absorb, and Praise collection. Much thanks to you for the encouragement in this early phase!

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