Grass isn’t always greener….

I really like my job.

I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity to do what I’m doing, and doing so in such a family-friendly environment.

And many days I’m perfectly content going off to work in the mornings, confident that the rest of the family is going to have a fun day and do things that are probably more fun and exciting than if I was the one staying home with them.

But there are those days when I just wish I was the one at home.

I have so many ideas of activities I’d like to do with the kids.

The kids are in slightly annoyingly talkative stages, but the upside is that they say incredibly funny things on a regular basis.

I really wish I had the time during the day to do family administration, catching up with friends with quick emails and phone calls, daydreaming and list-making during those minutes of time that one can often find during the day if they are quick to take snatch them.

But often times I’m just tired in the evenings…I mean, of course I was tired in the evenings when I was home with the kids too. But this kind of tired is a little different. It’s a tired that doesn’t get energized by projects and internet errands and whatnot because that’s what I’ve been doing all. day. long. I’ve been having a hard time touching the laptop for anything other than Facebook and Pinterest in the evenings because I’m just tired of emails and computer screens. Instead, I’ve been turning to TV (I know) or more often than not, sleep.

It’s good to be on this side of the fence, because I’m reminded that the grass really isn’t greener on either side.  Being at home is both great and hard. So is being outside the home all day. It really is just different, but each does hold its own set of challenges.

2 thoughts on “Grass isn’t always greener….

  1. Yeah, I am getting ready to walk into that, very soon! I often think what a privilege it has been to be at home with my kiddos the last few years. But I am confident the Lord know what he is doing as I have accepted my new full-time job. It’s hard in so many ways.

  2. You’ll do great- the Lord will give you the grace to figure it all out. I think it really is challenging either way. 🙂 Look forward to the new thing He is doing!

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