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“How do I let go of my idea of perfect in order to grasp the perfection of God?” (195) This is the question that Amy Spiegel expects readers to ask themselves after reading this book. Letting Go of Perfect is a book that addresses the expectations we have on ourselves and how to walk with God (and beside others) in a more authentic way.

Sometimes we put expectations on ourselves that bog us down more than allow us to be freed up to live an abundant life. In a world where we are encouraged to have a perfectly decorated house, fashionable clothes, cute hair, crafty pins, picture-perfect kids, Spiegel offers a breath of fresh air- what if that’s not what God asks of us?

Instead, Spiegel spends 190 pages discussing some different ideas that we may want to think about when it comes to living a faithful life. She raises questions that take into consideration valuable principles like simplicity, rest, living peacefully with those who have different ideas than us, contentment, friendship, and showing grace to our family.

Spiegel is a mother of four kids who lives in a college area, so she gets the crazyness that comes with raising kids and also being involved in the community around her. I love that she “gets” the crazyness and knows that she doesn’t get it all right, but yet she continues to pursue God and pursue people in a faithful way.

My favorite chapter was the one titled “Chaotic House on the Prairie.” In it she talks about how we have so many opportunities at our fingertips– not only for ourselves, but also for our children. She asks, “how do we practice discernment and simplicity when it comes to our social lives as individuals and families? (50-51)” Great question, huh? She shares her experience of working through all of this, and then offers three guiding principles as we try and decide what we say ‘yes’ to and what we don’t.

  • Do I actually want to do this activity?
  • How will my making this commitment impact my most important responsibilities?
  • What would those who know me best tell me to do? (This one is great for those of us who tend to say yes to everything)

I think those who would MOST benefit from this book are those early in motherhood who feel like they can’t do it all, and they’re tired of trying. A few of the chapters will probably most resonate with those late in college or just out of college. Speigel offers some good questions to help readers think through different areas of life in a way that is faithful to the Scriptures as well as relevant to the culture in which we live.

You can also read more about Amy by checking out this interview over at Her.menuetics.

I’m so thankful to Amy for sending me a review copy, and she has so GRACIOUSLY included a book for one of you! Leave a comment, telling me why you’d like to read this book. I’ll announce the winner by email and on this blog post later this week.

UPDATE: Collena and Bethany- you’ve both won books!!

6 thoughts on “Review: Letting Go of Perfect

  1. This book sounds like a good one, esp. for a mom of little ones! I’d like to read it!

  2. Lord knows I need to read this book and then donate it to the library for other mothers trying to do great things. It truly is a struggle to raise children, maintain a career, focus on friends and family, and pray that God will assist you to keep it all together in perfect balance. I often see my life as that game I used to play running with an uncooked egg across the yard in a tablespoon in silent prayer that it would drop and bust sending you back to the starting line. If I dont do everything perfectly then one of my eggs will drop. Maybe this book will help me to identify what is really important.

  3. This book sounds right up my alley – a lesson God keeps showing me over and over.

  4. This looks interesting, especially the “do I actually want to do this?” activity… I am going to embrace this question when I am 30. I want less shoulds invading my life!

  5. Probably every age woman struggles with choosing the ‘best’ use of her time over all the ‘good’ uses:)

  6. There are two winners! Random generator came up with numbers 2 and 4- so Collena and Bethany, you’ve won! 🙂

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