Prayers for our Kids

Over at the parent blog I share with my friend Christina, we’re talking about creating spiritual practices with our children. This week we talked about prayer, and I wanted to share the prayers that we have written for our kids.


Our prayer for you, Asante, is that you will lovingly sacrifice yourself in obedience to Christ, to allow His Spirit to amplify the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. May you be a partner in the re-creation story, the healing of the nations, the redemption of mankind.

Colossians 3.12-14 are the verses we pray for him.


Our prayer for you, Alethea, is that the Spirit of Christ would so saturate your essence that wisdom, generosity, and kindness would perpetually wash your communities with a purifying love, creating pockets of the peace of the Heavenly Kingdom on Earth.

Ephesians 4.1-3 are the verses we pray for her.


Our prayer for you, Ada, is that you would lift up the heads of the oppressed, suffering with them as an incarnation of our Savior. May your journey create opportunities for people to experience the setting right of brokenness to be completed in the world’s rebirth.

Matthew 5.5-9 are the verses we pray for her.

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