Here are my goals for this year. You can see a little more behind my process here.

Loving Our Bodies
1. Make one change in our eating per month, introducing healthier alternatives to what we already are eating. Introduce more whole foods in our diets.
2. Drink more water a day, which in my case, is any water at all. Help the whole family to do this as well.

Sharpening My Mind
1. Learn all of the countries of the world.
2. Read one book per week (or a total of 52). Write a year-end post about it.

Forming My Spirit
1. Become a more consistent and intentional pray-er.
2. Intentionally connect with God everyday.
3. Practice Lent.
4. Practice Advent.

Other things…
1. Catch up scrapbooks to-date.
2. Become a better blogger. Blog consistently on my website. Be a giver.
3. Keep up with PlayEatGrow, blogging consistently and thinking creatively.
4. Attend one conference for personal development (blogging conference? catalyst?)
5. Learn to sew.
6. Write daily, whether it be for many eyes or just mine.

Nurturing Relationships
1. Make creative, meaningful gifts for next Christmas/New Years.
2. Send birthday cards to family and friends.
3. Plan a fun anniversary celebration/gift.
4. Visit family in MO/IL.
5. Visit several of our close friends scattered all over the country.

Those are mine…. how about yours?

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