What We’re Moving Towards

As a next step in our conversation about families and responsibility, I think I must take a pause and wonder about what the goal is for this discussion. I once heard a guy say that our reasons for discussing theology is not about rightness in the way that we can say one person is right and another wrong. It goes deeper than that…it’s about a rightness that moves people towards actions (think: the Good Samaritan story). I think my goal in all of this is to convince those engaged in the discussion (vocal and non-vocal, because although many of you don’t comment, my sources say that we have many of you silently lurking…;)), to accept the idea that Jesus re-defined family and figure out what that means for us today as a nuclear family, and as the local church (especially since 40% of adults in America are not married and hence have no, or a non-traditional, family).

For myself, I want to move beyond this tension that I feel between the daily grind of the responsibilities of home life (and there are many with three little children) and the call to move outside of our doors into the lives of others. Maybe for those of us who, after thinking through all of this, decide to move forward in this, we can encourage each other with stories of how it plays out in our lives.

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