I’m all “Mommy blog”-ged out.

I’m starting to get a little tired of reading mommy blogs.

But why? you ask. Tiffany, you are a mom. You love to blog. You love to do crafty things and projects and stay organized.

Indeed. I do enjoy reading about what others are doing, and how I can do some of the same. I like to read how different moms deal with potty training, travelling long distances with young children, and fun recipes that are healthy and easy for kids. I like when mommy bloggers put up free printables that I can download and use for my kids.

But I don’t like the hurriedness, overachievingness, perfection, and judgementalism that many of these mommy bloggers put off. What? Your kids sometimes play video games? You mean your daughter is 2.5 and NOT potty-trained already? You don’t go outside and play everyday? Your kids’ 5/6 fruits and veggies a day was mostly fruit? Sigh.

I admit it.

Sometimes I turn on a video so that I can close my eyes and rest.

Sometimes I give the kids crackers instead a fruit or vegetable for a snack.

Sometimes we stay in our pajamas until right before lunch time.

I let my kids jump on my bed pretty much whenever they want.

We barely get our “5 a day” in many days.

I’m not a perfect mom and could never be a “mommy blogger.” I love hearing and posting about projects, crafts, ideas, stories, and recipes. But no thanks on all the other stuff that comes with it. Maybe we need a different genre of blogs by women who are also mothers. Authentic, helpful, interesting, and fun blogs for others who have or spend their day caring for children.

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  1. 🙂 love this. We use vitamins too. What does Ovaltine provide? More calcium? or more nutrients altogether?

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