Finding God in Higher Education

I’m a sucker for books about people encountering God through the University setting. I loved my college experience for many reasons, and I think it is one of the most finest places for wrestling with issues of faith, belief, and truth. Carolyn Webber, now a professor of literature, writes about her experiences with this very thing while studying at Oxford in her new book, Surprised by Oxford.

Surprised by Oxford is very well-written. Although it’s a thick book (400+ pages), it is a fast read- it reads like fiction! Webber uses many references to poetry and literature to help illustrate how she was thinking about and interacting with God. Although I’m not super into classical literature or poetry, I could appreciate how God used those things which Webber loved to help woe her to Him. This is a great testimony to the Lord’s character. I loved it!

Webber’s experience also shows how key relationships are in our faith journey. Carolyn didn’t experience God in a vacuum. Instead, many different kinds of people genuinely loved her and shared their life and faith experiences with her in an authentic way. College students would really benefit from reading this book to see how to talk about God in a way that isn’t focused on selling Christianity to someone.

Thanks, Booksneeze, for letting me read it and review it. And thank you, Carolyn, for writing about your experiences. You can find her at

These were my own thoughts about the book- Thomas Nelson publisher gave me the book to review but gave me the freedom to say what I really thought. 🙂

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