Jake and I love books, so it’s no surprise that we own a lot of them. Because we’ve been living in small places for the past several years, my mom and dad have been storing a lot of our books in their storage shed. Now that we’re further away and in a place that has a nice sized basement, we decided it was time for the books to come home.

But now that we have all of these books, what do we do with them? We considered getting a bunch of bookshelves, but then decided it wasn’t the right time to invest in quality shelves. Instead, we are cataloguing our books, and then storing them in boxes in the basement, each box labeled with a number.  That way, if i we know which book we want, we just have to look it up and see what box it’s stored in. Of course, it makes it harder to peruse our bookshelf, something we love to do, but at least we have access to them all again.

On Facebook, I’m hosting a friendly game- “guess how many books are in jake and tiffany’s library”…one of the comments got me thinking about why we had so many books. For some people, it’s a status thing. For others, it’s because they are pack rats. For us, it’s because we love to read, and then share that reading with others.

We read. We reread. We pick up a book and just read a little chunk. We write and like to reference books. We suggest books to others. We loan out books. We give away books. We pick up books at library book sales that look interesting, or that we think could be useful to someone else.

My favorite part of it all is reading a book and then coming across someone that I can recommend the book to, or give a copy to because they really need it. Books have been transformative in my life- whether something has given me a new perspective, taught me something new, or brought me to another place. I hope that they can be transformative for another person as well. I actually see it as one of my purposes in life to help people find resources that will help heal, transform, and enrich their lives.

We also have a lot of books because Jake and I are interested in different genres. Jake’s collection includes science fiction, math textbooks, classics, poetry, plays, education, and some books he liked as a teen that he is saving for Asante.  I, on the other hand, have a lot of girl-issue books, christian non-fiction, parenting, and marriage. Our interests overlap some in the christian, theology, and parenting areas.

So, all of this to say, we love books and are well on our way to building our own library. We hope someday we will live in a place where we can have a room dedicated to books, reading and resourcing.

(Is it any surprise that Belle has always been my favorite Disney princess?)

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