Half the Church

Women make up at least half of the worldwide church. What is the church’s message to women? How does it encompass God’s whole message for us? The author of Half the Church, Carolyn Custis James, argues that the church far too often only focuses on marriage and motherhood. Isn’t there more to being a woman?

Carolyn carefully constructs a case for God’s purpose for all women’s lives- a message grander than being “beautiful in God’s eyes” and a purpose beyond “having a daily quiet time.” Carolyn is an intelligent theologian who is committed to the flourishing of women in the Kingdom of God.

What I particularly like about this book:

→ Carolyn desires to include the voices of all women, and not just the middle-class white American woman. She insists that our conclusion about what the message of the church for women is MUST be universal, meaning, applying to all women. To do this, we need the voices of our international sisters.

→ She begins to scratch the surface of what it means to read Scripture through a lens that is not male-oriented. And she does this in a way that is not overly “feminist.”

→ She handles the beginning of Genesis well as she unfolds what it means for women to be an ezer.

→ She brings up serious issues going on with women around the world (sex trafficking, selective abortion of females, etc.), and isn’t afraid to leave us with unhappy endings.

→ She doesn’t set up a man versus woman kind of discussion. She’s pro-man too, something that is unusual for women who are talking about gender issues in the church. She is pro-humanity, which is REFRESHING.

Thank you, Carolyn, for writing this book. And thank you to Zondervan for giving me this book (for free!) to allow me to review.

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5 thoughts on “Half the Church

  1. I also LOVED her book on Ruth. It also did not present a ‘woman vs. man’ perspective. She focused on each person played an important (and mostly unexpected and unrecognized)role in this redemption story. I would love to read this book, too! 🙂

  2. This book sounds really interesting. It reminds me of another book I’ve wanted to read called “Half the Sky.” This seems like a version more focused on looking at the “half” from a Christian perspective. I’d love to read it, and I bet Elisa would, too!

  3. For those like me who can’t seem to read a lot, I appreciate your blogging about books so I can ‘look’ inside before I choose what to read:) It is refreshing to hear from those who encourage, rather than pit genders against each other. I look forward to reading this book one of these days.

  4. And the winner is (chosen by a third party)– Amy Polson! Zondervan will be sending you your book shortly! 🙂 Thanks for the comments and interest in this book, ya’ll.

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