I know, weird word huh? Chazown. It means vision. And in his book, Chazown, Craig Groeschel talks about how to find God’s vision for your life. In many ways, this book is really similar to Andy Stanley’s Visioneering, but probably for a younger crowd. Groeschel’s writing style will probably be good for college students or people who need some humor when reading a book.

Groeschel explains the three parts of chazown- our values, spiritual gifts, and past experiences. Most people who have been around the church for very long will probably find little “new” information, but it’s packaged in a way that is easy to move through as you journey to finding God’s vision for your life.

There is one thing about this book that I love…. and that is the writing exercises that Groeschel leads the reader through at the end of each section. He asks really good questions that would be really helpful to walk yourself, or someone that you are mentoring, through.

In addition, Groeschel has a website for the book that is helpful as well. And it’s FREE!:


I would particularly recommend this book for college age students and those working with college students!

Thank you, Multnomah books for giving me a FREE copy of this book to review in exchange for a book review. I was encouraged to give my honest opinion- whatever that may be!

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