A Resource in Storytelling

Story is a medium that people of all ages can enjoy. Asante and Jake spend hours telling stories. I love to watch How I Met Your Mother, a really long story about how a guy named Ted meets his wife. I think telling and listening to stories are ways that we help make sense out of the things going on in our lives.

Jesus also told stories (which we call parables). He knew that it was a way of calling people out in an indirect way. It’s a way that we get to encounter the Kingdom of God subjectively, through the lens of our own experience.

Tony Campolo gets this, and put together a book (Stories that Feed Your Soul) of stories that he has both overheard and experienced in his own life. He focuses this collection of stories on the themes of one of his favorite passages of Scripture- Romans 8. He intended this book to be a help to pastors and teachers who also see one of their roles in preaching the gospel as a story teller.

I would highly recommend this book. The stories are not lengthy or cheesy, but real and thought-provoking. It’d be a great gift for your pastor or sunday school teacher. 🙂

Thank you to the Ooze Viral Bloggers for giving me an advance copy to review!

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