An Aid in Scripture Memorization

Jake and I used to memorize a LOT of Scripture. One summer when we were dating, we memorized two new verses every day. And we actually memorized them! By the end of the summer, I think we had the entire sermon on the mount committed to memory. That was a fruitful time for me, and not just because I had memorized so many verses and could check it off some list…but because I was hiding Scripture in my heart, which the Holy Spirit has used again and again since then- to instruct me, encourage me, and lead me in making the right decisions. Scripture memory is good stuff…and a discipline I haven’t kept up for awhile now.

In the mail a couple months ago, I received the Topical Memory System: Life Issues from NavPress to review. It comes with a book of memory verses that you can cut out and put in a memory verse pack (also provided). The memory verse pack is a little envelope-type thing that can fit in a purse or back pocket. The memory verse cards that you put in the pack come in six versions (NIV, NASB, KJV, NKJV, ESV, and NLT), so you can use the version you like and then pass the rest on to friends!

In addition to the verses, it comes with a book where each verse provided is written about by various authors. Some of the verses are related to anger, perfectionism, sex, guilt, self-image, depression, etc. The authors discuss the verse (in context), and then they also expand a little on the issue being dealt with. There are a couple questions to think about at the end of each chapter, along with MANY other verses that you can go to that deal with that topic. It’s pretty good!

So, if scripture memory is something you have been wanting to start for the first time or get back into in the new year, this may be a helpful tool. But, if you don’t want to spend money on it and don’t need the extra help of organization, just start memorizing! =)

p.s. I received this book free, thanks to the NavPress bloggers program. Thanks NavPress!

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