More Malloy Updates

This post is SO long overdue. And really, I don’t have time to write this. We’ve had a lot of doctor appointments, meetings and such lately so my study time has been severly cut down. I have lots of things coming due very quickly. But, really, who ever really has time to write a blog post?! 🙂 Hence, I’m just doing it.

Classes have been great, but tiring. Fourteen hours was going well until here recently, and although I haven’t fallen behind, I’m certainly not ahead. My goal is still to get as much done as I can by Thanksgiving so that I have little to do after Ada comes (even though I’ll still have 2-ish weeks of classes left). And speaking of Ada, we have decided on the final name: Ada Nouwen Malloy. We choose Nouwen because of Henri Nouwen’s impact on jake and i’s spiritual journey. If you haven’t read anythign by him, I would highly recommend it! After I’m done with this degree, I intend to have him mentor me through his books.

Pregnancy has been going pretty well. In some ways it has been better than the first two– mainly in that my blood pressure has remained really low (like 100/65) and hence I have had little to no swelling. Miraculously, I’m still wearing my wedding ring and it hasn’t gotten tight at all! Normally I’ve had to stop wearing it somewhere around 6 months. We’re about 5.5 weeks out from my due date and although I’ve been tired, some short mid-afternoon naps have really helped me to stay up late and work on homework. In other ways, this pregnancy has been much more difficult. Morning sickness stayed with me longer than before, I’ve had a crazy amount of mouth sores (sometimes 15 or so at a time), and have hence had some challenge in gaining proper weight. I leveled out at my weight for about 5 or 6 weeks when I should have gained 6-8 pounds. This past week I finally gained some weight, so it’s looking good again. Ada is smaller than the other babies have been…not sure if it’s just her stature or if it’s related to me not gaining as much weight. I also had to get an echo of her heart because after 2 ultrasounds they couldn’t see what they needed to see. Thankfully they said that her heart looked “beautiful” and there’s nothing to worry about. So really, it has been a healthy pregnancy, just more scares and unknowns than in the past.

Aly and Asante are doing really well….loving to be with dad during the day and are having a blast playing withe one another. It’s fun to see them make each other laugh and chase each other around the house. They had their first real fight yesterday– Aly got so mad at Asante that she head-butted him. He screamed at her and tackled her. Of course they got a stern talking to, but it was kinda funny.

Jake has been applying to grad schools (okay, just one so far), and took his GRE today– a 650 on verbal and 800 on math! I’m really proud of him. We’re just praying for the Lord’s guidance and direction as we look to this summer and next fall. Although we have no idea where we will be, our heart’s desire and prayer is that the Lord would allow us to move somewhere for Jake to get involved in a program that he can use his gifts and passions towards, as well as us being able to settle down in one place for a significant length of time. We’re tired of moving and are ready to make some roots somewhere. It’s become real to us that building friendships and community takes TIME, and that’s something that we haven’t had in a location since college.

I think that’s our updates as a family. I’d like to blog more about my reflections on things I’m thinking about and learning in classes. I always feel like my ideas are not quite refined enough to post, and then I forget about the topic altogether. We’ll see how it goes.

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