Settling in to a New Church Family

Knowing that finding a local church to settle into is difficult, Jake and I had made a little strategy to help us find a local church and get involved quickly, especially since we are most likely only here for a year. Wilmore, Nicholasville, and Lexington have a TON of churches and it was a bit overwhelming to even think about the possibilities. SO, we decided at the very beginning to visit three churches that were all very different from one another but had unique aspects that could fit our family and where we could fit them. One was a small new monastic community in downtown Lexington, another was a huge (10,000 person) megachurch in Nicholasville, and another was a much smaller non-denominational church right down the street from us in Wilmore.

We visited each. Really liked each for very different reasons, and ended up deciding that the church in Wilmore was the best fit for us and us for them. We decided on this one because:

1. It’s just right down the road– like a 2-3 minute drive.

2. They joyfully provided opportunities for us to jump right into serving with them. Jake will be teaching K-2nd grade every other Sunday morning and I’ll be hanging out with their college group. Hopefully the whole family will be able to participate in their many serving around Wilmore opportunities.

3. It’s a multi-cultural congregation. There are people from all over the world, including Kenya (i know, how could we not choose here?!)

4. They are incredibly mission-oriented- local, national, world.

We’re excited to be a part of this local congregation this year. For myself, I’ve already been really thankful for them…I really like the pastor and his wife (very personable and thoughtful people!) and the sunday morning set-up is fun for our family– we’ve been keeping Aly and Asante with us during the music worship, and then taking them to their separate classrooms during the sermon (this is what they do with all kids who are not birth-3, but Aly loves music and we really felt like she could grow a lot by seeing others worship God through song).

We love the church’s focus on unity and their actions that support that. In addition, prayer is really important to the congregation, and I know that that is something that the Lord has been challenging me in – slowing down, praying, believing in His power, trusting in Him, cultivating that deeper relationship.

Of course, we’re human and they are human and things will happen that we or they don’t like or agree on, but I’ve been refreshed by the congregation so far. We can only hope that we do the same for them!

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