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We’ve been living in Wilmore, KY for a few days now, and things are going surprisingly well! Travelling from Missouri to Kentucky was pretty easy- the kids were rockstars in the car (all they did was eat, sleep, read books, and listen to VeggieTale cds) and we got to stay with Jessica Nichols in Louisville on Tuesday night before making the rest of the trip to Wilmore on Wednesday. We had a little hiccup once we got here- there was a change in property managers for our duplex, but no one told us, and the proper communication did not occur between the managers…hence the person who was supposed to meet us at our duplex with the key didn’t know we were moving in that day! I was able to quickly get a hold of him and we met him in Lexington over his lunch break, which ended up being just fine.

After finally getting back to the duplex and getting our water turned on at City Hall, we had about 20 people at our house ready to move us in- it was awesome! Everyone was very friendly and fun to talk to…we also have gotten some yummy baked goods from our neighbors!

Since then we’ve been working hard on settling into the house. We are pretty much finished- boxes are all unpacked, most the decorations are up, and we only really have to organize the kids’ room (toys). Our goals was to get all that done before my week of intensive class started, so we’re right on schedule- yippee!

Other things….

– We’ve travelled around the area and have gotten a good handle on the major highways and shopping centers. We’ve visited Wal*Mart twice and Target once since being here.

– We ended up paying only $25 for 3 window air units that work well so far. SO thankful for having one for each window, especially that first night!

– We tried out Great Commission Fellowship in Wilmore this morning and had a good experience. We have a couple more churches we’d like to visit before making our final decision– so hopefully by the time school starts we’ll have committed to a fellowship and find a way to really get involved.

– The kids are having a hard time adjusting to the time zone (sleep wise) and Aly is having a hard time relaxing enough at night not to wake up several times and want us, but other than that, they seem to like the duplex and LOVE the big room that they have to play in. Today Asante has gotten sad about not being able to go to school anymore…he misses his friends, but I assured him I’d find him new friends. This promise seemed to genuinely help him. We went down the street to give some of our empty boxes to a family that’s moving in a month or so and he got to play with their son, Isaac, for a few minutes. They’re only a few weeks apart and seemed to really connect. Tonight before bed, Asante was telling “the monsters” about his day, about not being able to go to school anymore, but that he met a friend down the road. Although he doesn’t talk much to us directly about his feelings, he does a great job of talking to his puppets about what he’s thinking about and feeling. It’s really helpful to us to understand where he’s at in everything.

– We’ve already gotten out and done a bunch of yard work. I guess since our manager didn’t know we were moving in, he didn’t bother mowing the yard before we came– and it was WAY overgrown. On Friday night, Jake spent a couple hours out there and then finished up on Saturday afternoon. Saturday evening the whole family when out and weeded and bagged up some large clumps of cut grass. Although it was pretty hot outside, I really enjoyed the physical work and the reward of a much better looking yard because of it!

– Finally, tomorrow starts my intensive class. I’ll be in class from 8a-5p monday, tuesday and thursday; 8a-8p on wednesday, and 8a-Noon on friday. The class is called Leading Change and I’m pretty sure you can figure out what it’s about :). I think I’ll be one of the youngest and least experienced in this class…from the online forum we’ve been posting a few assignments in, most people have been leading/pastoring for years. Hopefully it’ll go well and I’ll learn a lot! Jake will be having some long days at home with the kids, but I think he’s ready.

-Oh, and funny thing- on the long car ride to Wilmore, Asante was pretty sad off and on about moving. He kept saying he didn’t want to move to “‘Tucky” and finally he said that it was because they were like Ninevites- they slapped each other with fish! LOL! Only if you are familiar with Jonah: The Movie (VeggieTales) will you understand that reference. However, he was not joking at all- for some reason he was convinced that that was what it was really like.

So that’s the update on the Malloy clan. Head to jake’s blog: www.jakemalloy.com to check out a short virtual tour of the duplex (although it was filmed at the “still not all the way unpacked” stage). It’s actually growing on me- and I’ve become genuinely glad that we got such a great deal on the duplex!

3 thoughts on “Home: Wilmore

  1. Hey friends,
    Cassie and I pray that you find Wilmore to be a place of spiritual and intellectual enlightenment and challenges. We enjoyed our four years there, and pray that you do, too. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help your transition go smoothly – or if you just need info about the area.

  2. thanks elizabeth! we’re very glad to be here…and we’re thankful for great neighbors too! p.s. we just finished disc 4 of season 6 of Gilmore Girls…

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