Grow Together in Faith as a Family

For those of you who are raising families, or are dreaming of doing so one day, this may be a good book to put on your future-books-to-buy list. Amazing Adventures, Creative Connections and Daring Deeds is a book dedicated to the grow of a family’s faith together. Way too many times in American church life today, we leave the growing and fostering of our children’s faith to the local church down the street, while ignoring the HUGE responsibility that starts for us parents at Day 1 of child’s life. While this book is probably not for kids that young, this would be a great one to start when the children hit around the age of 3 or 4. Not only does it focus on reflection, Scripture and serving the community around you, but I think it will bring the family together by pushing everyone out of their comfort zone.

One chapter talked about giving generously, and I suspected that the “action” challenge would be something generic like give a few boxes of mac and cheese to your local food shelter. But, the authors (Tim and Alison Simpson) surprised me by challenging the family to pack up EVERY SINGLE PIECE of unopened non-perishable in the house and take it to a food bank or shelter.

Pick this one up. This isn’t for the family who wants to do a little fuzzy devotional together, but for a family who wants to be challenged in growing outside of their comfort zones, with the hope of these kind of things becoming an everyday part of life.

Here’s free excerpt to check out.

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