Fun Kid Stories

Aly has been really growing in her ability to communicate with us (and hence has become a much more pleasant little lady to be around). This morning, she brought me some fruit mix that she enjoys and put it on my lap. Obviously she wanted some, so I opened it up, took out some pieces, and then over time, ate the rest of it. She toddled back after a few minutes, look at the bag, looked at me with a shocked look on her face and said, “uh oh, uh oh!” and held up the bag. Haha, it was way cute. I can’t believe how fast she’s growing up!

A bonus fun story about Asante:

The other day when I was yard saling, I found a cute stuffed giraffe and stuffed gorilla that I got for the kids- mainly Aly because she LOVES stuffed animals right now. Asante enjoys the gorilla though, so he brought it to the doctors office with us this morning. He was talking to it as we waited, and Jake suggested that maybe he should tell a little story to the gorilla while Aly held it. Asante said, “okay, once upon a time…” and continued to tell the gorilla the story of the three little pigs, complete with different voices and sound effects. It was priceless!

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