The Voice New Testament

The Voice New Testament is a translation of Scripture that brings together biblical integrity with art/beauty. Have you ever read a translation of the New Testament and it just didn’t really connect with your heart? And then read a translation that does? They say the same thing, just in a different way. The Voice does a fantastic job of staying true to the text, but in such a way that allows you to get wrapped up in the beautiful story of God and His people. This translation is truly a translation, and not something like The Message, which doesn’t really claim to be a translation. There are a lot of people who have worked, and are continuing to work on this project- scholars, artists, musicians, and wrtiers.

Admittingly, Scripture has been a little dry to me lately. But this translation has helped me to see the story of God’s love and instruction a little more clearly, and a little more intimately. I AM SO EXCITED TO READ THIS ONE ALL THE WAY THROUGH! This translation would be a great gift to someone who is in their twenties or thirties and looking to get a fresh look on Scripture.

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