A Sabbath

Today was such a great day. I just have to share it with someone.

I woke up after a full night of sleep thanks to Jake, who slept downstairs in the kids’ room in case Aly awoke. She DID wake, but she put herself back to sleep everytime. Yippee! That was an encouraging step in her sleep.

So, I woke up, on my own at around 7:00a, came downstairs and hung out with Aly and Asante so Jake could get a little sleep in the bed. After Jake was up, we hung out and then went to the library (which is always fun). After that we came home, ate lunch, and Asante took his nap. While he was sleeping, Jake worked on stuff that he wanted to do and I watched Aly. We hung out on the floor, played, and laughed. Jake woke up Asante after 2 hours, and then he took Aly and I got to do what I wanted to do. Which was, surprisingly not reading….but scrapbooking! I did about 6 pages, which I was pleased with. I decided I needed a few more basic items to allow me to continue, so at 5:30 the family decided to take a shopping trip to the mall area. This was probably not the smartest idea, but it turned out great. We got scrapbooking stuff at Hobby Lobby (and used 2 great coupons!), then to Old Navy to buy Jake a new pair of khakis for work (with his gift card). They were regularly $27.50 and we got them for $16.50 total! Then, we went to Target to buy Asante a new puzzle.

Asante is a puzzle addict. And really quite good at them. He’s been doing 24 piece puzzles very easily, and 48 piece floor puzzles with a small challenge. We found a great 100 piece Toy Story puzzle at Target that we think will be a great next step up. We’ll probably need to sit by him while he’s doing it to encourage him and give him a little guidance.

We came home, ate dinner (at 7:30p!), did a little puzzle, and put the kids to bed. Here’s the amazing part. I took Aly into the room to rock her, and she wasn’t going to sleep, so I put her in her crib, gave her her teddy bear and her blanket, and said it was time to go to sleep. I laid my hand on her head for a minute, and then left. Her eyes were open when I left, but she fell asleep without a peep! Amazing! I can’t count on this all the time, but I will love it when it happens.

So, now I’m here on the couch with the hubby, and going to enjoy reading before bed. What a great restful and creative day!

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