Since I’ve been back

So far my time back in the States has been surprisingly easy. I was warned of a lot of things before I came back, and was fully anticipating to be challenged with things like busyness, materialism, consumerism, etc.

But then I get back and realize that things are the mostly the same as when i left.

i’m still frustrated by the amount of money spent on things that don’t matter.

figuring out how to guard my life from being taken over with “good things” is still a challenge.

this crazy fear mentality of the american people, including some christ-following friends, about losing their jobs and not being able to maintain a level of living that is cushy annoys me, but doesn’t surprise me.

in some ways it’s been disappointing that i haven’t experienced this reverse culture shock. it makes me wonder if i really learned anything while in kenya. but it’s also somewhat comforting to know that God was working on my heart before i left in the area of simplicity. and that this trip to Africa didn’t have to do with a lesson in simplicity. but there’s something deeper to it. and discovering the fullness of that excites me a lot.

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