Reflecting on 2008 goals

Reflecting on 2008. Here are my goals that I made in January and how I did on meeting them…

1. Memorize at least 104 verses.
I didn’t do this one at all.
2. Read 32 books.
I read 34!
3. Lead a LifeChange group.
Yep, did this too. We did a study on the fruits of the Spirit. I had a
really good time getting to know those ladies.
4. Finish well at the BSU.
I felt I did this.
5. Pray.
Sometimes I did this more often than last year. Sometimes not. It
comes and goes in stints. I’ve done better at praying for people.
6. Simplify more.
We held a clothes swap at the BSU and gave lots of garbage bags full of clothes to
Goodwill. I think everyone who participated enjoyed that. Also, when we were
packing to come to Africa, we got rid of A LOT. Sold a lot. Gave away tons of baby
stuff and almost all of our furniture.
Living in Africa, with pretty much our 7 suitcases of stuff turned out to be fine.
Not much that I feel like I’m doing without. Crazy how that works.
7. Begin to write.
I read the books Jake got me about writing, and have submitted one
query to a magazine, but that’s about it. It’s a start I suppose.
8. Run a 1/2 marathon.
Nope. I got pregnant instead.
9. Learn swahili.
Lol. Oh dear. Did you know that they speak a lot of English here in
10. Move to Africa.
Ah, yes, I’m here.
11. Finish scrapbooking Turkey trip, China trip, and Europe trip. I have
finished the turkey and china trip. And I still have time before the end of 2008
to get the Europe trip in….we’ll see.

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