Eats, Shoots, and Leaves

Well, who would have thought that I’d enjoy a book about punctuation? This book, written by a British woman named Lynne Truss, was loaned to me by a friend here at NEGST, and it was probably the most entertaining book on punctuation that I’ve ever read. Maybe because this is the only book on punctuation that I’ve ever read, lol.

Nevertheless, the book was well-written, with a balance of snobbery, humour, and honesty. Things like the apostrophe, hyphen, comma, and “full stop” (period) were discussed….not only a few basic rules, but some entertaining ways that other writers have used and abused these devices, as well as the history of each.

Especially for those who write often, this would be a good, quick read that helps you to get to know your punctuation marks in a more intimate way. For those of you who aren’t interested in writing, and who don’t develop a racing pulse when you see improper grammar, I would say that you probably wouldn’t enjoy this book much.

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