I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids

What a GREAT book this was for me, as a new mom who is struggling with what it means to be a mom in this day in age. The struggle for a lot of new moms comes from unrealistic expectations of what it means to be a mom and work, or a mom and not work.

Some of the things these two moms talked about where making peace with your choices, not feeling like you have to be a perfect mom, not competing with other people, and being able to say no. There is no perfect mom, and they help to communicate that well. Hundreds of moms were interviewed, and all started out the interview with, “I’m so happy! I love being a mom! It’s so amazing.” And then when pressed further, they kinda started breaking down, admiting that they don’t enjoy everything about it, and in fact, it’s not what they really expected.

One quote I can kinda identify with (and i can say guilt free), is “I love being a mom; I just hate doing it.” For a person with a lot of ambition, sitting in a chair or running around a baby crawling around can be mind numbing after hours and hours without grown-up mental stimulation. I love Asante a ton, and would give my life for him. But the hard part is being a full-time mom. I may get some judgment from that, but those who actually have kids can probably understand :).

I give five stars to ms. ashworth and ms. nobile. 🙂 thank you for this book.

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