The Revolution: A Field Manual for Changing Your World

This book deserves a post for each chapter because of the great content of each one. I think I may do that on my other blog, but for this one, I’ll try to cover it all.

The various chapters covered the topics: human trafficking, poverty, war and peace, clean water, gang violence, women’s rights, fair trade, torture, environment, hunger, HIV/AIDS, and capital punishment. The editor, Heather Zydek, got a different author to write each topic. She did an excellent job choosing just the right person- the people had different faith backgrounds (all christian), different genders, and different passions.

I think they did a good job of introducing the topic, providing motivation to care about it, explained what Scripture said about it, and then explained what one can do to get involved. I decided I care a lot about each one, and there’s not enough energy and time to do something for each. BUT, I really want to live in such a way that doesn’t make any of these things worse, and then choosing a few to do something to actively combat.

This would be a good book for those who are unconvinced about the Christian’s responsibility in these topics, or for those who want to get an introduction to these horrible issues.

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