The Organic God

The Organic God is a book by Margaret Feinberg in which she expresses various characteristics of God that she has discovered God to be over the years. Some of these include:

* bighearted
* breathtakingly beautiful
* amazingly wise
* surprisingly talkative
* wildly infallible
* outrageously generous
* unbelievably stubborn
* abundantly kind
* deeply mysterious

Overall this was a “B-” book, but what I really enjoyed was the appendices…. the first was a sound track. Margaret listed 2 songs for each chapter that she suggested the reader listen to after each chapter. EXCELLENT idea.

The other section was “reflections for a rainy day.” In this section she (or i guess someone else) listed some questions for reflection, along with some scripture to look up and reflect on. I used each of these sections to aid in a quiet/focus time.

I think this book would be a potentially good small group book for a college ladies group. Mental note.

Also, sidenote is that i would LOVE to have the job of reading books and creating a small group curriculum for them. Any authors reading this book, please hire me.

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