The Master Plan of Evangelism

Although first published in 1963, this classic book on evangelism and discipleship has not gone out of style. Robert Coleman does a great job of presenting a biblical and simple description of how Jesus shared the good news of the new Kingdom.

The message of the book is simple- as Jesus demonstrated for us, we are to go into all the world to make disciples– sharing the good news with them, and after they receive it with gladness, to disciple them into men and women who will themselves be disciplemakers. The emphasis is not placed on evangelism OR discipleship, but evangelism AND discipleship.

I like how he emphasized that the emphasis is not numbers of converts– but about the quality and quantity of the disciples that are made. God’s about people being developed into new creatures who are in turn sharing their faith and discipling others.

There wasn’t any idea presented in the book that was new to me (and in a way, that’s a good thing!), but it was a great great reminder and revisioning of what my life is to be about.

And as a sidenote, as I was reading it, I got really excited that Jake and I are being entrusted with making disciples of Jesus– with our children. True life-on-life discipleship in its purest form. What a great task!

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