The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy

DISCLAMER: Although I read this book, I’m not prego (that i know of, of course). I figured if i do get pregnant sometime soon though, I’m going to want to read all I can about it. Thus, I’m starting early :). My wonderful friend Jessica bought this book for me a year or so ago (i think for my b-day actually!), and so I was like, “welp, i have it, so why not read it?” (plus, it had all the qualifications for an EXCELLENT elliptical book).

I just have to start out by saying that this book made me laugh. The woman who wrote it is really funny, very down-to-earth, and “tells ya like it is” (even if it’s not necessarily how it is). Her point of view is from that of the “girlfriends.”

The topics covered included things from knowing when you’re pregnant, to tests that they do on you, to maternity clothes and baby essentials, and of course, what to expect when you go into labor (which is probably what makes me most nervous, of course). I think they give the worst case scenario, but I’m sure you can never be prepared for such things.

Because the book is so topical, it’s hard to go into anything specifically. And I really don’t know what I agree with or don’t agree with because i’ve never experienced it! 🙂 BUT, I can leave you with the book’s “Top 10 Greatest Lies about Pregnancy”:

10. Lamaze works.
9. Morning sickness is gone by lunchtime.
8. Materinity clothes are so much cuter now.
7. You will have your pre-pregnancy figure back in three months, especially if you nurse.
6. Oil massages prevent stretch marks.
5. Pregnant women have the most beautiful skin and hair.
4. “I swear, your face hasn’t changed at all.”
3. Pregnancy brings a man and woman closer together (yeah, you and your obstetrician!)
2. “You haven’t gotten big anywhere but your belly!”
1. Pregnancy only lasts nine months.

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