Muslims Next Door: uncovering myths and creating friendships

Well, I have no muslims living next door to me, but if I did, this would have been a great resource. The author, Shirin Taber, has a Irish Catholic mother and a Iranian Muslim father… and she became an evangelical Christian in high school. Taber focuses on making bridges between the Western and Muslim world.

She debunks some of the common myths that Americans have about Muslims in Part I, and then in Part II, Taber gives some ideas about making relationships with the Muslims around us.

Some highlights from Part II…

* Christians and Muslims have some things in common– one of them being that we are both, “moral” people…they care about their kids being in good schools, dressing modestly, etc. etc. This could be a springboard for some good conversation.

* Many Muslims feel like they are looked at suspiciously after 9/11. Many women are lonely, simply wanting true companionship. Sooooo– make friends with them! They are a woman, and like us women know, we need good girlfriends, no matter what their faith is.

* Hook up with a local university to invite some international students to your home. Most don’t see the inside of an American home while here in the states.

* When you have them over for dinner, make sure to be hospitable (this is what they are used to, and it communicates love to them)– make lots of different dishes, make sure to have good conversation over tea, ask them questions, etc. And when you go to their house, bring a small gift.

*Be open about your faith (because that’s who you are).

Most of these are pretty common ideas, but always a good reminder. 🙂

Overall? Basic, but good. 2.5/3.0 out of 5 stars.

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