Is God more Holy than anything else?

Ken talked about it on Sunday …. my mind is still wrapped up in it. God, are you more holy than anything else? I try to look at my own life, and I am more than something else, at least i should be. I need to be more loving than anything else. I am to do all things out of love, love for God and love for other people. Not fake love, but real, deep, emotional love. Love that will lay my life down for them. Love that will take a bullet for them. Love that will give up my time and energy to serve them. Of the 3 greatest virtues- faith, hope, love….LOVE is the greatest. wow, love triumphs faith! love triumphs hope! Is it the same with God? Does Holy triumph all? Does the theme of scripture support that? God IS Holy. No Doubt. He is perfect and completely sanctified and set apart from us. However, I also know that we are all created in His image (saved and nonsaved alike)…that we (christians) are holy priesthood now. God is no longer this being that is separated from us. No, we are now in Him and He in us. He desires unity with us — the SAME unity that He has with Jesus (john 17). Holy is being set apart, different from. Love draws near….unity is result and product of love. Love and Holiness seem to be at battle with one another.

I also don’t see how the cross doesn’t make sense in the light of God being more loving. Instead, it’s supposed to make more sense in the light of God’s holiness??! Whatever, I were God, I would have not gone to the cross because it was going to be horrid- I would send my Son and have broken fellowship with Him so that I can make a way for mankind to be united to me. I dont buy that He was looking out for only Himself. Love, TENDER MERCY (luke 1:78) is the reason for Jesus coming. tender being an emotional word (in the greek). mercy being compassion, active pity. Wow, God is in LOVE with us! And some are afraid that communicating God’s love will make us irreverent. When we fiercly love someone, do we just treat him/her as a cuddly teddy bear? No. We respect them and honor them. Even moreso we are with the Father, the Sovereign King. I dont know about ya’ll, but God’s Father heart and love for me is what draws me to Him, not some cold, holiness. I am now speaking out of experience, and know that i can be misinterpretting my own feelings and experiences. But this is a huge thing that many say that I simply cannot get past and feel no peace about.

I was going to put a link to Ken’s sermon from sunday on here, but i just visited the website and found they had technical problems so there was no audio recording. Oh the irony.

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